Secret Sound

    The Sound
    Weekday mornings at 7:20 with the Taku 105 Morning Crew - if you're a resident of Juneau, it's your chance to score big cash!  That's what the Taku 105 Big Money Secret Sound is all about!
    One person gets a chance to guess the sound every weekday morning, and every day that goes by without someone correctly guessing the sound, the jackpot goes up. If YOU can correctly identify the sound on-air, you win all the money!
    Click the player below to hear the sound. Listen to it as many times as you like until you think you know what it is. HINT: don't play it too loud ... it's a pretty soft sound!
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    Get ready to win the Taku 105 Big Money Secret Sound! Fill out the the info below, and you're all set! Just wait for Greg & Sharon to call you some lucky day for your shot at winning the entire jackpot! Entries are picked at random. Good luck, and thanks for listening!

    Note: you must be a full time resident of Juneau to play.

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    Previous Incorrect Guesses
    • Pouring water on hot oil
    • Cellophane paper
    • A spray nozzle in the kitchen sink
    • A tire deflating
    • An automatic car window going up
    • Water running in a stream
    • Grinding coffee
    • Air being released from an air compressor
    • Using canned air
    • Pouring rice
    • A burst water pipe
    • Clothes being steam ironed
    • Ripping paper
    • Using an aerosol can
    • A marching band snare drum roll
    • A frozen pattie hitting a hot grill
    • A gas burner being ignited
    • Rice pouring into a pot or a bowl
    • Static on an old television
    • A pressure washer spraying water
    • The flare of a match
    • Turning the car heater off
    • Sliding a box across a surface
    • Blowing up a balloon
    • A fire hose spraying water
    • Water pouring from a faucet
    • Driving in sideways rain
    • A hissing snake
    • Blowing air through a straw
    • A police scanner being turned off
    • Releasing the pressure from a pressure cooker or instapot
    • Drawing on a chalk board
    • Pouring a slushie
    • The steam from a locomotive
    • Pulling out foil from the roll
    • A wad of cash being counted in the machine
    • A big truck starting
    • Taking a drag on a vape
    • A steak searing in a pan
    • Air going through a vent
    • Metal shutters on a window being crumpled up
    • Scraping ice from a windshield
    • Releasing air from a balloon
    • Opening a soda bottle
    • Standing under a waterfall
    • Sand pouring
    • A toilet tank finishing refilling after a flush
    • Running a shower
    • Pouring rain
    • A sonar beacon
    • A running washing machine
    • The suction machine at the dentist
    • An ice skate stomping on ice
    • Rustling a thermal emergency blanket
    • Dispensing whipped cream
    • A washing machine starting
    • A firecracker fuse
    • A gravel spreader
    • Blending a cocktail
    • A pattie sizzling on a grill
    • Squeezing air out of a bag
    • Steam escaping from an espresso machine
    • Tearing apart velcro
    • Slowly opening a soda bottle
    • A whale spurting
    • Radio station static
    • Using a blow torch
    • The hydraulic brakes on bus
    • Inflating a tire or other blow-up device
    • Air being expressed from an air can
    • Using a butane cannister
    • Pressurized air going into a tire
    • Oxygen flowing through an oxygen mask
    • Air from a helium tank
    • Gravel pouring from a bucket of some kind
    • Pulling a sheet of foil from the box
    • Pushing a shopping cart
    • Pushing a shopping cart over gravel
    • Water rushing down a waterfall
    • An air mattress deflating
    • A waterfall
    • Inflating a hot air balloon
    • Tires on a road
    • Rain on a tent



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