Secret Sound

    Congratulations to Vivian Demmert for identifying the sound! She walked away with $1,055!  That means we have a BRAND NEW SOUND - you can listen to it below!
    The Sound
    Weekday mornings at 7:20 with the Taku 105 Morning Crew - if you're a resident of Juneau, it's your chance to score big cash!  That's what the Taku 105 Big Money Secret Sound is all about!
    One person gets a chance to guess the sound every weekday morning, and every day that goes by without someone correctly guessing the sound, the jackpot goes up. If YOU can correctly identify the sound on-air, you win all the money!
    Click the player below to hear the sound. Listen to it as many times as you like until you think you know what it is.
    Enter To Play

    Get ready to win cash with the Taku 105 Big Money Secret Sound! Fill out the the info below, and you're all set! Greg and Sharon will call you to play and you'll have the chance to win the entire jackpot ... and the jackpot increases by $10 every time we have an incorrect guess! Entries are picked at random. Good luck, and thanks for listening!

    Note: you must be a full time resident of Juneau to play.

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    Previous Incorrect Guesses

    The stacking cups game

    Bending a flexi straw

    Cooking popcorn

    Putting a straw into a plastic cup

    A plastic cup with a straw going in and out of the lid

    Pulling the arrow on a See See and Say toy

    Slurping out of a straw

    Crinkling a plastic bottle

    Coffee percolating

    A golf ball going into a hole

    Screwing or unscrewing a cap on a water bottle

    A gargling bird

    Releasing the number on a rotary dial phone

    Stacking cups

    A turkey gobbling

    Water going through a Keurig

    Making a balloon animal

    Ice cubes falling into a cup

    Unscrewing the lid off a glass jar

    Putting the lid on a plastic container

    Opening a Pringles can

    Closing a ziplock bag

    The lid of a tumbler being taken off

    Coins going through a slot and into a vending machine

    Dragging a piece of lawn furniture across a deck

    Opening the lid on a tennis ball can

    Using a pencil sharpener

    Turning the dial on an old radio to get a radio station

    Stirring a drink with a plastic spoon in a plastic cup

    Ice being shaken in a plastic container being opened

    Scraping the last bit of icecream or froyo from the bottom of the bowl

    The slide arm moving on a cigarette rolling machine

    Tying a balloon

    Shaking a cup with ice or dice in it and the straw going in and out of it

    Taking the straw off a drink container, straining it and pushing it into the proper hole

    The Fisher Price corn popper

    A cup dropping in a vending machine

    Cutting floam slime

    A washing machine changing cycles

    Rubbing a balloon on your head to make your hair stand up

    Playing with a Rubik's cube

    Writing on a whiteboard

    Sounds coming through on a pocket dial

    Someone playing a pinball machine

    Tapping something into a cylinder; kind've like War of the Worlds

    Shuffling cards

    Putting together Russian nesting dolls

    Unscrewing the cup on a thermos

    Slurping the last bit of a slushie out of a plastic cup with a lid and straw

    Playing a pinball machine

    Playing with or putting together a turkey call

    Opening up a battery pack in plastic wrapper

    Plastic red cups being moved around, upside down

    Someone cutting paper with a paper cutter (guillotine)

    Passing around a Tupperware container or bowl

    Crushing an aluminum can

    Writing on a plastic cup with a sharpie

    A sound effect for a movie

    A cup falling from a dispenser in a vending machine

    Unscrewing the lid on a peanut butter jar

    A tap being hooked up to a keg of beer

    Scraping the last bit of whipped cream from a plastic cup

    An adding machine or calculator printing on a paper tape

    A recording being played backwards

    Slurping up the last bit of a milkshake

    A baby sea otter drinking out of a cup

    Cutting a styrofoam cup in half

    Tape being stretched out and then torn

    Crude Oil Price

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