4 hikers rescued

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The group had become lost and unable to continue as they attempted to hike from Windfall Lake to the Montana Creek trailhead on Saturday.

    Alaska State Troopers said Juneau Mountain Rescue responded to the area via helicopter to pick up the group.  The hikers were identified as Olivia Glasscock, 26, Adelyn Baxter, 27, Charles Kidd, 26, and Paul Strickler, 25, of Juneau.

    Rescuers said one of the hikers became mildly hypothermic and was unable to hike out of the area due to heavy snow coverage and their condition.

    Capital City Fire Rescue also contributed to the rescue.

    Troopers said it took nearly three hours to locate the group and transport them back to Juneau for evaluation.

    Temsco Helicopters donated the use of a helicopter during the rescue.



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