70th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby set for August

    This is the 70th year so there will be prize packages for the seventy heaviest fish that are turned in during the derby.

    The Golden North Salmon Derby is coming up in August, and preparations are underway for the fishing fundraiser. Golden North Salmon Derby Co-Chairs Ron Somerville and Matt Robus spoke about that while guests on Capital Chat recently.

    "The primary purpose of the Salmon Derby is to raise funds to be able to award to graduating high school seniors for both college and vocational scholarships.", said Robus. "The way we raise money is by selling tickets for participation in the derby and also selling the fish that are brought in and those proceeds can go towards our invested endowment fund that we use to pay out the scholarships each year." Tickets will be on sale early in August. The event is set for August 12th, 13th, and 14th, which is the second full weekend in August. 

    explained how there's a special set of prizes to mark the event's 70th anniversary:

    "This is the 70th year so there will be prize packages for the seventy heaviest fish that are turned in during the derby.", said Somerville. "Those prize packages are mixed and matched with various contributions to make them kind of approximately equivalent. The heaviest fish gets prize number one, the 70th heaviest fish gets prize number seventy, and after that people with the second through 69th fish will have a choice of the remaining packages. They come up in order of weight and they get to pick among the packages that are remaining and those packages can be all sorts of different things combined to make a pretty interesting package.

    The Golden North Salmon Derby is still looking for volunteers accepting donations for prizes. "Our prize committee this year is headed up by Doug Larsen.", said Robus. "They're doing a great job and they've been going around soliciting prizes from businesses and individuals in the community, but if anybody would like to make a cash donation or donate some sort of a thing as part of our prize packages, they can contact me, Matt Robus, at 321-0660, or you can contact Doug Larsen at 321-0770, and we'd be happy to talk to you. Same thing for volunteers, if people would like to find a little notch that weekend of before derby weekend with our organization, give me a call and we'll see where we can fit you in."

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