9th Juneau Food Festival taking place Saturday, August 27th

    The 9th annual Food Festival focuses on local foods, crafts, and sustainability this Saturday at the JACC.

    The goal of the festival is to foster greater food self-sufficiency by bringing together consumers, growers, and producers of local foods with the intent of encouraging local sustainability through backyard gardening and small business initiatives.

    Nancy DeCherney, Executive Director for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, was a recent guest on Capital Chat and talked about a featured artist that will be there and how she helped get it all started.

    "Carol Shriver will be there," DeCherney began. "She makes these wonderful rugs out of recycled materials, and she is actually the person that got us started doing the markets. The whole thing started as a cooperation with Slow Foods and the Juneau Economic Development Council with the idea of trying to get people to be self sufficient and learn to garden. The city was interested in making sure that if we had a food shortage or if the planes couldn't get in or whatever, we'd still be able to eat; sustainability type thing. Carol was instrumental in that, and we're glad to have her back."

    It's free admission Saturday 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the JACC.

    The market also offers a place for non-profits to raise money through sales of produce or baked goods containing locally grown or harvested ingredients.

    Tickets for vendor space are available at the JACC, Hearthside Books, and online at the JAHC's website

    Workshops on Cooking, Vinegars & Bitters, Pickling & Fermentation, Foraging through the Seasons & Seed Collection & Saving will be available in the gallery throughout the festival

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