A-E-L&P to celebrate 125th anniversary next year

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Alaska Electric Light and Power in Juneau is preparing to mark its 125th anniversary in 2018.

    Director of Consumer Affairs Debbie Driscoll says the first documentation they have of A-E-L and P in the newspaper or anything else came in September of 1893.  "We figured its a pretty big deal, 125 years, so we're just going to celebrate the whole year."

    Utility president and general manager Connie Hulbert says Willis Thorp started the company with the Corbus family purchasing the utility in 1896.  "So the Corbus family had ownership in the company from 1896 until 2014 and their family was very involved in the operations of the company and Bill Corbus was general manager for over 30 years."

    Interesting to us was the fact that A-E-L and P started Juneau's first commercial radio station in 1922.  It stopped broadcasting on KFIU in 1931 and turned the license to operated back to the Federal Radio Commission, the forerunner of the Federal Communications Commission.  Several years later the license was awarded to KINY.


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