Accused robber drops keys, eludes arrest

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KINY) An accused robber learned a hard lesson, don't leave stuff behind at a crime scene.

    A man suspected of robbing an  Anchorage hardware store was foiled in his getaway when he dropped the keys to his sport utility vehicle.

    Anchorage Police said the man tried to flee on foot after losing his keys.  As of today, the suspect was still at large.  Police did impound the SUV he allegedly drove and have a key piece of evidence should an arrest occur.  Police took a call on the robbery just before noon Monday.

    An employee witnessed the man trying to steal home construction items and confronted him. The suspect pulled out a knife, threatened the employee and fled to the parking lot and his SUV.

    Police said the suspect is described as a white male, about 30-39 years old, with a short red or brown beard and a 'lazy' right eye.


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