Action Line: CBJ Assembly candidate William Quayle, Jr. details platform

    Quayle is running for the District 1 seat now held by Mary Becker.

    Assembly candidate William Quayle, Jr. was a guest on Action Line Monday.

    He was asked why he's running.

    "One of the reasons is because I have my pedicab business, and I had a situation where I had to pay out $1,500," Quayle responded. "They were asking that for me to be in business, and that's a regulation that was made for pedicabs. Of who's running, I'm the business person's best friend when it comes to that."

    Quayle says he would introduce a Business Ethics Ordinance.

    "What that means is it puts a blanket clamp on all the business permits, all the licenses, and all the fees; no more $250. What that does is make it so you don't have to take out a loan to get in business. A lot of times in Juneau, we'll see businesses start up that, come next year, aren't around. It's because they had to pay so much for these fees."

    He has an idea on how to bring more revenue to the CBJ treasury.

    "One of the things I want to advocate is to sell water to Southern California. They've tried to do it before, but what we want to try and do is have them come up here and pick up the water; we aren't going to be shipping it down there. What's really important is having what's called a contract completion bond. What that does is it make sures the city gets its money. After we do that, then we work on giving relief to the business owners."

    In addition to Quayle and incumbent Mary Becker, Arnold Liebelt is also running for the District One seat in the October 4 election.

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