Action Line: CBJ Assembly member Debbie White discusses time on body

    White was a guest on the program with host Pete Carran on Friday.

    Juneau Assembly member Debbie White talked about her time on the local governing body while a guest on Action Line Friday.

    White is nearing the completion of the second year of her initial three year term on the Assembly.

    She agreed that its been a tumultuous year spurred by the death of newly elected mayor Greg Fisk last November 30.

    "I have to say there was a period of time where I was starting to wonder if I had made the right decision to run, because I raise two teenage boys; I have enough drama in my life. I didn't go looking for drama, but it certainly found me. Amazingly, we have settled into a group of people who are getting along a lot better."

    The Assembly was split over appointing Mary Becker to fill the office of mayor following the untimely death of Greg Fisk until this October's regular election or conducting a special election which was done on March 15 and resulted in the election of Ken Koelsch.

    "The turmoil was horrible, but I think at one point, when we were trying to make some decisions, we decided to put it in writing so the next Assembly wouldn't have the same fight. At the end of that meeting, everybody was in tears; we didn't like fighting. No future Assembly will be faced with having to argue about it. It's just solid, in black-and-white, and nobody has to fight about it."

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