Action Line: CBJ Chamber of Commerce commends letter from City Manager on addressing $4.9 million shortfall

    The Juneau Chamber of Commerce is applauding City Manager Rorie Watt's letter to the Assembly Finance Committee on how to handle a $4.9 million budget shortfall as the result of the loss of state funding.

    That was one topic of conversation on Action Line Tuesday.

    Chamber Vice President Eric Eriksen, who chairs the organization's Government Relations Committee, addressed that matter.

    "I think the letter was a very powerful message," stated Eriksen. "I think it first starts off with describing our dissatisfaction the lack of decision the state has taken, and shifting our financial responsibility onto us as communities and citizens of Alaska. I think that it's of great concern, along with the effect on our community moving forward. I think a message that also came across from that letter is that the community has the ability to transition through this change and take control of this, but, to do that, we need to take a fresh look at how we're going to conduct business as a community. I think it's forward thinking and it's current with the financial crisis that the state is in, and I hope we see some great changes moving forward into the future."

    Watt has recommended the use of savings to bridge the current shortfall, but to explore budget changes in the future.

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