Action Line: CBJ Chamber of Commerce officials discuss how low PFD could impact Juneau businesses

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - The 2016 Permanent Fund Dividend of $1,022 will be about half of last year's amount.

    The question of how that's likely to impact Juneau businesses was put to Juneau Chamber of Commerce officials during Action Line Tuesday.

    Chamber Executive Director Craig Dahl was asked what they are hearing from their members.

    "I had the chance to visit with two of our members yesterday, who are directly related to this," replied Dahl. "One of them was commenting on how business was going over the summer who was concerned he was going to see sales down, just because of the PFD. On the other side, this was expected. This was part of the fiscal plan by the state to solve the fiscal problem. Of course, it failed to execute on the big solution, but this was one of the necessary steps that we saw coming."

    The chamber is on board with that part of Governor Walker's fiscal plan, but not with another part calling for a broad based tax such as an income or sales tax.

    Chamber President Elect Eric Eriksen addressed that, saying, "Our focus is really on the use of the PFD earnings, and that's where the large, significant gain in our fiscal future will be."

    The chamber officials said they would  renew their call for the Legislature to craft a fiscal plan during next year's regular session.

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