Action Line: CBJ Port Director Carl Uchytil talks about various projects

    Work being planned and done at both Statter Harbor and Aurora Harbor were both topics of discussion on Action Line Wednesday.

    CBJ Port Director Carl Uchytil provided updates on various projects while a guest on Action Line Wednesday.

    Uchytil says work is nearly wrapped up on the StaSttter Harbor Launch Ramp.

    "If it's not open for the Salmon Derby weekend, it will be close," Uchytil explained. "If it's not open, I've talked to my staff and we're going to have some mitigation for trying to move people with their trailers through a shuttle that Docks and Harbors will operate. My plan is to give it another few days and see where we're at with the paving and the additional work that really needs to get done before the owner can take over the facility. But, if not, I'm committed to providing some kind of mitigation to people that want to trailer their boat."

    Planning is well underway for phase three of the Statter Harbor Project which involves a "for hire" float to accommodate charter operations.  An outstanding question is how it will be funded.

    "We believe that state head tax can appropriately be used for this project. We believe that there is a nexus to impact and congestion at Statter Harbor due to the process and their passengers, so we're in the process of getting a legal review of what our interpretation is on the use of head tax. Whether we use head tax or not, we're going to get it done. We'll just be set back a few more years to figure out how to fund it if we can't use the head tax for the upcoming year."

    The Cruise Ship Line Association has challenged how the local government is using those funds in court.

    Uchytil had good news to report on the next phase of the Aurora Harbor rebuild.

    "Aurora Harbor Phase II is a project to recapitalize the fifty-plus-year-old harbor facility," began Uchytil. "The Docks and Harbors Board set aside $2 million for seed money for a state matching grant program. We were informed last month that we were successful and the governor signed an appropriation into law that provides $2 million so we'll have $4 million so we can do the main floats at Aurora Harbor, which are the three floats that connect the boat shelters. We're going to be designing that over the winter, with the expectation that we will try to get it awarded so that the project can start in August or September of 2016."

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