Action Line: CBJ Waste Coordinator discusses rolling out new bins for Recycleworks

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - The new recycling drop boxes will be available Sept. 7th.

    That's according to CBJ Solid Waste Coordinator Jim Penor, Tuesday's guest on Action Line.

    "We are rolling out the new Recycleworks program," announced Penor. "The recycle containers are getting their labels and graphics put on them, and we have locations for them. Two containers are going to be located at the JRC club out on Riverside Blvd. for the Valley. One is going to be at the new Statter Harbor, for use by both harbor patrons and citizens. We're also going to have on at Aurora, right where the gillnet recycling container is. We're going to pull that out for the time being, and probably relocate it; I'm working with the harbors."

    Four of the the new Juneau Recycleworks Drop boxes will be available to the public for residential recycling of cardboard, mixed paper, plastics #1 and #2, and aluminum.

    Jim says they plan to put the fifth container at Bartlett for the hospital's use only:

    "I'm going to use it at Bartlett Regional Hospital, and get Bartlett recycling their cardboard. I'm out to increase my cardboard and recycling volumes. I'm going to start going and talking to operations and businesses that generate a lot of cardboard and paper that haven't been recycling."

    Penor notes that schools are on his list of organizations to contact.

    You can see the public locations on a map, send Jim some feedback, and learn more about recycling, junk cars, and hazardous waste at their new website.

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