Action Line: Debbie White discusses meetings on use of fireworks in Juneau

    The debate over the use of fireworks in the city and borough is heating up in advance of next month's Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee public hearing on the matter.

    Assembly member Debbie White talked about that on Action Line recently.

    "I'm starting to get some pressure from a few very vocal people about the fireworks issue. And yes, I know, I stuck my nose right in it; I've lost a friend over it, which is really sad. There are people that just want an all out ban, and I've had a bunch of them say, "If you don't ban fireworks in Juneau, I'll never vote for you again." I just have to remind people, I am not a career politician. I have to look out for what's best for Juneau in the long term, and I still have to listen to the majority."

    The PRAC's Committee of the Whole is scheduled to meet at 6 p. m.  on August 15th to work out details on the timing and location for its September meeting that will be highlighted by public testimony on the issue.

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