Action Line: Development involving Delta Airlines could see company continue year-round Juneau flights

    Juneau Airport Manager Patty Wahto provided details on Tuesday's edition of Action Line.

    There's a development involving Delta Airlines and Juneau's airport this week that could eventually spur the airline to once again offer year round service here.

    The  airline earlier this year said it would end year round service after the summer tourism season.

    Airport Manager Patty Wahto talked this newest development on Action Line Tuesday.

    The development is related to Delta's Required Navigation procedures into Juneau.

    "Starting this Thursday, they are approved by the FAA to start the RNP procedures, which lowers their minimums to a level similar to Alaska Airlines, with a three-quarter mile visibility and a roughly 300 foot ceiling. We're hoping that they'll rethink this. It's a very large company and there's a lot of departments and divisions within Delta, so once the Networks Division sees that this in place, perhaps they'll rethink things."

    Wahto noted that she doesn't think we'll see Delta changing their minds this season, but they may have further discussions and look at subsequent winters.

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