Action Line: Former CCFR Division Chief Beth Weldon discusses candidacy for CBJ Assembly

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - The lone candidate for the Assembly District 2 seat was a guest on Action Line today.

    Beth Weldon let it be known early on that she would be a candidate for the seat on the local governing body.

    Host Pete Carran questioned the timing of her campaign, asking if it's a surprise that she's running unopposed.

    "We were hoping greatly that it would not be a surprise," responded Weldon. "Everybody says that this is a cakewalk, but for the past three months, we've worked very hard campaigning. Our strategy was to come out early, and come out hard. We seem to have done a really good job with that and have gotten a lot of support from the community. Kind of the turning point for us was the 4th of July parade. We just were shocked at the reception we got from the crowd with jumping up and down and cheering. That really motivated the campaign quite a bit."

    Weldon had a successful career with Capital City Fire Rescue rising to the rank of division chief. She retired in order to start a family business.

    So we  surmised  that she's a happy person and was interested in why she wanted to do this to herself.

    "Maybe insanity runs in our genes, or something," Weldon joked. "Well, as you know, I've spent my whole adult life in community service. I see running for the Assembly or working on any of the other boards in town as just another service giving back to this great community. When the kids were teenagers, I felt they didn't need me as much as home. I'd gotten a lot of pressure from friends and coworkers to run for the Assembly. I threw my name in the hat when the opening came up in the race for mayor, but once people had found out I did that, the pressure was really on."

    In addition to her experience with the fire department and in commercial fishing, Weldon said the fact that she's the mother of two boys taught her more about being a leader than anything else.

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