Action Line: JPD assists Gastineau Humane Society after pet owner defends dog from attack

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau Police Department this week was called to assist the Gastineau Humane Society on a report of animal abuse.

    Chief Bryce Johnson was asked about that case on Action Line today.

    The chief thought the incident occurred on Sunday in the 7700 block of Glacier Highway.

    "There was a young man who had his dog out in front of his house, which I believe was a Bluetick hound," Johnson explained. "He was playing with his dog in front of the house, and another dog came and attacked his dog. The young man retrieved a firearm and shot the other dog. As I understand it, the other dog had the hound by the throat and was doing some pretty serious damage. The dog that was attacking was killed in this incident."

    Police Chief Bryce Johson stated that no charges were filed in this case, due to the man acting in defense of his pet.

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