Action Line: JPD officials discuss beginning of school year and related traffic

    Juneau Police School Resource Officer Blaine Hatch was on scene for the first day of school Wednesday.

    "The kids are excited," said Hatch, "but I was teasing them; I'll give them until noon, and then reality is going to set in. But, they're excited to see their friends and the kids in the new schools... it's just cute to see."

    They were asked what they would like to say about things like cross walks, school buses and speed limits in school zones.

    Hatch responded first.

    "Don't drive recklessly to save a couple of seconds, because that's all the time it takes for a tragedy to happen that we can never take back. After having worked several child fatalities and accidents, it's not worth it. Always look left, right, left again, and keep looking as you're pulling out.  If you know  a crosswalk's there, slow down in anticipation. It's going to be getting darker in the next couple of months.  Just slow down and be careful is all I ask."

    "I just recognized the school zones are back in effect, and we have school buses," announced Campbell. " If you're used to driving during those times, give yourself a little more time so you can obey all those laws and still get to where you need to go."

    And Officer Hatch had one final piece of advice for motorists.

    "it's actually a misdemeanor if you run a school bus red light  It's 6 points off your license, and twice the fine for speeding in a school zone."

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