Action Line: Juneau Representative Sam Kito discusses legislature's failure to craft fiscal plan

    He was a guest on Thursday's edition of the program.

    Kito cited what might be considered a silver lining in regards to the Governor's veto of Permanent Fund earnings earmarked for dividends.

    "I think with the governor's veto - which causes me concern - he really implemented a start of the Permanent Fund Protection Act without the structural change. What he did by vetoing the dividend is he brought in the only new money we could have expected unless we instituted some sort of income, resource, or sin tax. Without the effort to be able to do that, there's no way we can reach a balance budget by just cutting. Without the incentive to look at revenues during that special session, it did seem as though nothing was going to be able to happen."

    Kito was asked if he thinks the crafting of a fiscal plan is more likely next year when the heat of election year politics will be off.

    "I think it needs to be addressed next year; if we don't, we're going to be very short on savings and have a limited ability to be flexible in addressing our revenue picture."

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