ACTION LINE: Juneau School Board Member Dan DeBartolo discusses district request for additional funding

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - One of the new members on the Juneau School Board talked about the district's request for additional funds under the local cap while a guest on Action Line Tuesday.

    Increased enrollment led to the school district request which amounts to nearly $650,000.

    Of the request, Dan DeBartolo said, "We would love to see the Assembly see what they've done in the past and fund us completely to the cap, but, of course, they have their own budgetary concerns right now. The Assembly's concern right now is they look at our budget and they see us asking to be funded to the cap and we said we have these definite needs. Deferred maintenance is no joke; a lot of times, it raises the level of safety, security, and those kinds of things. And then, of course, it's essential to update science curriculum equipment. If we don't fund these things, we end up kicking the can down the road and causing more of a problem."

    One Assembly concern addressed by DeBartolo was the inclusion of funds in savings for the School District in their budget.......

    "The Assembly said, "We notice you're also going to put some money into your savings; why should we transfer money from our savings, basically, and give it to you?" The thing is, any school district in the entire United States budgets for a reserve, essentially; money in savings. It's part of the budgeting process, so asking for us to be funded to the cap is something where we maintain that money in case of an emergency or something unforeseen. If you drain the savings to pay for deferred maintenance and then something else comes up, you're in a bad spot."

    Juneau School Board member Dan DeBartolo commenting on Action Line.

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