Action Line: Justin Parish discusses reasons behind run for House seat

    Parish will be challenging incumbent Cathy Munoz for the Mendenhall Valley District 34 House seat.

    The Democrat opposing Republican incumbent Cathy Munoz's re-election to the Mendenhall Valley District 34 House seat was a guest on Action Line Wednesday.

    Justin Parish is a life long Juneau resident who currently works as a para-educator at Floyd Dryden Middle School.

    He was asked about his desire to run and serve...

    "It comes from love and terror, because I feel a very personal connection to my students and my family living here in town," Parish replied. "It just frightens me to think that we are sacrificing the interests of the next generation for political expediency and corporate profits. I really see that happening, and it upsets me."

    Parish was also asked about the prospect of a change in leadership in the State House next year.

    "We really need that. If we just re-elect the same crew, they're going to keep on doing the same things. Maybe we could hope that they'd be a little bit more willing to take action when it's not an election year, but I'm just not confident of that. I think there are too many of them who cling to the delusion that we can cut our way out of this. If we laid off every Alaska state employee, we'd still have a budget gap. We need pragmatists; some of the Republicans, absolutely. If they're willing to work for real solutions, I'd be very happy to work with them."

    There's been talk of a coalition in the House consisting of Democrats and moderate Republicans.

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