Action Line: Kate Troll discusses reasons for running in spite of past uncertainty

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - Kate Troll talked about her bid for re-election to the Juneau Assembly while a guest on Action Line recently.

    When we last talked to Troll, she was undecided about a re-election bid. We asked what made her decide to throw her hat into the ring once more

    "I wasn't sure, because it's a serious commitment of time and effort," Troll explained. "I asked myself if I still care about this community, and the answer was yes, I still deeply care. I've got two adult children that have finally moved back and have good jobs here. I also asked myself if the community can benefit from my experience, because once you've done one term, you establish working relationships, you understand CBJ governance, and you figure out who to call. We have some fiscally uncertain times facing us right now, so yes, I think my experience could benefit this community. But, I think the biggest reason I decided to jump back in is because I'm really bullish about this community."

    Troll also explained why she's so bullish about Juneau.

    "We have great things happening here; we have some senior housing start in the Valley, we've got Juneau Hydropower looking to come online, there's discussion about central district heating, and there's some exciting things going on related to fisheries out at UAS. I just still feel very bullsih about Juneau still. Those were really sort of the three things that made me say, "Okay, I'm willing to step up and serve another term." Also, I think we have some great leadership management, so it's a really good opportunity to contribute and continue to give back to the community."

    Troll faces competition in the areawide race from Norton Gregory.

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