Action Line: Loren Jones announces support for City Manager's fiscal plan

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - Another Assembly member voiced support for City Manager Rorie Watt's plan to bridging a fiscal gap while a guest on Action Line Thursday.

    Watt's blueprint was made necessary in view of an unexpected drop in the level of state funding to the tune of $4.9 Million.

    Loren Jones was asked about the plan.

    "I think it's a good plan," Jones responded. "I think in the short term, we did a lot of good work in doing the budget. We made some tough decisions, but we had a balanced budget. His proposal right now is to use the savings from, I believe, the Budget Reserve Account, which is set aside for this one time emergency. We have to show cost to do it, which I think we can, and then we have to have a repayment plan. That's where a lot of the discussion will come on; how do you repay those particular savings? There was some discussion at the last Finance Committee meeting. We were all asked to meet with the manager or the finance director to talk about what we might suggest, and they'll bring that list back to the Finance Committee meeting on September 8th."

    The Assembly will meet over the noon hour that day with Governor Walker.  Walker will reiterate the need for a state fiscal plan which the local governing body has endorsed.

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