Action Line: Mary Becker discussed running for her final term

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Assembly Member Mary Becker is seeking re-election to her District 1 seat in the October 4th local election.

    She was a guest on Action Line Friday with host Pete Carran.

    Becker explained why she's running for her third term on the local governing body.

    "It's my third and last term, because the Assembly is term limited," Becker began.." I think having the cuts and vetoes from the governor and the legislature not doing anything about it made me realize that having the past experience and the skills I've developed in years of public service. "I would like to use those skills and be a part of the decision making process that the Assembly goes through. I think I'm the right person at this time to be in that position to help make these decisions."

    And Becker says she wants to continue to serve with Mayor Ken Koelsch as he serves out the term of Greg Fisk who passed away last December.

    Becker served as mayor until Koelsch's election during a special election in March to fill the post.

    Becker opposed the special election and wanted to serve until the regular election in October.  She says she was pretty surprised and not terribly happy with the Assembly's decision to proceed with the special election, but in the final analysis she's glad Koelsch is Juneau's mayor.

    Becker has two competitors,.Arnold Liebelt and William Quayle, Junior.  We asked if she's surprised by that.

    "It's sort of a little bit of a surprise, since I went a long time without having competition. I do not know either of the gentlemen well. But, it's a harder to have competition than when you don't,"

    Becker  worked  as a teacher in Juneau.  She served on the School Board following her retirement and prior to her initial election to the Assembly.

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