Action Line: Rep. Cathy Munoz discusses legislative inaction on fiscal plan

    Juneau Representative Cathy Munoz talked about the Legislature's failure to embrace a fiscal plan for the state while a guest on Action Line Monday.

    Munoz was asked why a plan did not get hammered out by lawmakers.

    "The reason I think things got really bogged down is because there were nine tax bills and the Permanent Fund bill," began Munoz. "A lot of folks predicated their support of the Permanent Fund endowment on passage of an income tax or a tax on the mining industry. It just got very complicated, very quickly. What I would think the best approach would be to learn from the lessons of this past year that we need to simplify, get the endowment done, and continue to reduce the budget, but then also work towards phasing in new revenue. I think when we get the election out of the way, people will hopefully be willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work, because timing is very critical."

    She added that a lot actually did get done.

    "The budget was reduced by several hundred million dollars. We dealt with three very complicated legislative issues; criminal justice, medicaid, and oil and gas credit reform. In all, we've lowered the liabilities on our budget significantly. But, we need to do a lot more, obviously."

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