Action Line: SEACC's Executive Director discusses moving forward with the organizations' goals

    The new executive director of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council was the guest on Action Line Monday.

    The new executive director of SEACC, the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, was the guest on Action Line Monday.

    Meredith Trainor was asked about her goals and said one at the forefront is rebuilding old relationships and building new ones.

    "I'd like to be in a position to have conversations with other environmental leaders, native leaders, concerned community members, and stakeholders and help create the possibility that SEACC can be an organization that advocates on their behalf for the next 46 years," stated Trainor. "When the relationships are in place, SEACC can again be a convening organization where we work with our partners and some other folks in the region that want to see some of the goals accomplished."

    We asked about building relationships with pro-development organizations.

    "There's always a place for having a relationship with pro-development groups. I don't tend to look at those relationships in reductionist term. It's partnership, and having an open line of conservation is often important to advancing our priorities as a conservation group. With that said, I don't mean that we'll back down on those issues; it's more that I want to have a respectful and professional dynamic here in the area."

    Trainor comes to Juneau from Seattle where she worked with The Pew Charitable Trust's International Boreal Conservation Campaign.

    She holds a Masters in Forest Ecology and Management from Yale University's School of Foresty and Environmental Studies.

    Trainor is an alpine climber, a nordic skier, a rower, and a beginner backcountry skier and ice climber.  Climbing has been a big part of her life.  Last year she led a successful all-woman climb of Denali's West Buttress route and earlier this year she led an attempt on Sultana Ridge on Mt. Foraker in the Alaska Range.

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