Action Line: State House candidate after Juneau seat comments on capping PFD

    Democrat Justin Parish will be vying for the seat currently held by republican Cathy Munoz next election.

    Republican Juneau Representative Cathy Munoz will have competition this next election from Justin Parish.

    In an Action Line interview aired Wednesday, but recorded before the Governor's capping the PFD checks at $1,000, host Pete Carran asked for the democrat's thoughts on the issue.

    "With the recent bill that passed the Senate that Munoz supports to cut the PFD, it's the most regressive possible measure," stated Parish. "It is going to hurt Alaskan families, particularly poor families with children. For 50% of us across the state, the PFD represents 20% of our income. It's essentially a 10% income tax on half of Alaskan families."

    The House Finance Committee rewrite saw a $1500 cap but was voted down 6-5.

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