Alaska Airlines Offers New Advantages for Club 49 Fliers

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Alaska Airlines has a new offer for Club 49 fliers, which has included two free bags and a Travel Now certificate which grants 30% off, but now there's a new special for shipping.

    Scott Habberstad, Sales and Community Manager for Alaska Airlines, gave our own Chuck Geiger the details on Frieght-For-Less, which started on Tuesday.

    "If you are traveling within 24 hours with Alaska Airlines," Habberstad explained with excitement, "traveling in state, and you want to ship, you can ship up to 100lbs for just ten dollars."

    Of course this new offer does have some limitations, but there is a distinct advantage for fishermen wanting to bring back some fish for the freezer.

    The last combi plane flew out on Wednesday, but there will be more advanced aircraft taking its place. Habberstad described saying goodbye to an Alaskan backbone of a plane. . .

    "It was great and it was sad all at the same time," said Habberstad. "Yesterday, flight 66 from Juneau to Seattle was the last combi flight in Alaska. So we've replaced our combis with next generation 737-700s. They have more seats; they are state-of-the-art aircraft. They've all got the RNP, which helps the planes get in and out of Juneau when the fog rolls in off of Mendenhall."


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