Alaska tweaks draft rules for use of pot at licensed stores

    Regulators are going back to the public for more feedback.

    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska marijuana regulators aren't ready to buy into Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes just yet and are going back to the public for more feedback.

    The Marijuana Control Board on Thursday considered a draft regulation that would have allowed cannabis shops to sell product for onsite use only, like a bar would sell alcohol. However, after a member raised concerns, the board is now looking at a narrower plan that would allow people to buy marijuana products in an authorized store and go into a separate area to partake. They could take unused portions home with them.

    Board member Mark Springer said the initial discussion over onsite use had gone from providing a place for tourists off of cruise ships to buy and use legal marijuana toward allowing for marijuana bars. He said he thought the approach adopted Thursday would be more publicly palatable.

    The public will get another chance to weigh in. The first retail business licenses are expected to be issued in September.

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