Alaskans mock hot-weather advisory issued by city

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — While the Pacific Northwest swelters in triple-digit heat this week, Alaskans got their own unusual weather advisory Thursday.

    The missive from the Anchorage Office of Emergency Management told residents to prepare for temperatures that weather forecasters predict will range between the 70s and 80s throughout the Anchorage area this weekend.

    Alaskans are accustomed to cold weather, but are hardy enough to handle such "hot" temperatures. The advisory was widely shared on social media, prompting chuckles and derision.

    Anchorage officials later blamed a technical glitch for incorrectly adding the advisory label to the forecast by the National Weather Service.

    Emergency management office director Kevin Spillers says the expected warming trend itself prompted one city worker to ask if the weekend would be as hot as Seattle.

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