An Interview With 3 Prolife Protesters.

    From left to right, this is Sarah Rose Milller, Jim Miller, and Patty Morgan

    News of the North's Glenn Ojard interviews Patty Morgan, and Jim and Sarah Rose Miller

    After coming back from the women's march downtown I noticed  four people outside the window who were protesting the Planned Parenthood across the street from the Juneau Radio Center. It seemed serendipitous, during a weekend that was so focused on female reproductive rights, to have the alternate viewpoint within walking distance. So I headed over, and got to meet Patty Morgan, Jim Miller, and Sarah Rose Miller, They gave detailed, heartfelt reasons why they believe folks should be more concerned with the lives that hang in the balance of female choice. It was well worth it to lend my ear to people I disagree with philosophically, and after you hear these interviews, I think you'll agree.

    If nothing else, it's twenty minutes of evidence that this recent political divide has not stripped us of the ability to connect to those who are different.

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