Anchorage man charged in sexual assault on plane

    Seattle, Washington (KINY) Nicholas M. Stevens, 37, is charged with sexually assaulting a 22-year-old female on a flight from Anchorage to Seattle.

    U.S. Attorney Annette Hayes said they hope the arrest will encourage victims and others to report such attacks.  A California man, Babak Rezapour, 41, was also charged in a separate sexual assault on a plane bound from London to Anchorage.

    Both men face up to two years in prison and could be required to register as sex offenders if convicted.

    Stevens allegedly asked if he could place his head on the victim's shoulder during the flight and she eventually relented.  He was accused of improper touching of the girl's thighs and breasts.  Fellow passengers encouraged the victim to report the abuse as the flight landed.

    The FBI encouraged victims to report such cases quickly and at the landing gate if possible because passengers don't always sit in their assigned seats.




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