Anchorage senator preparing to file lawsuit to prevent capping of PFD

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KENI) - With one month left before dividends are distributed from the Permanent Fund, a lawsuit is still being organized that could double the payout.

    If the lawsuit succeeds, instead of a $1,000 dividend, Alaskans could receive more than $2,000 on October 6th.

    East Anchorage Senator Bill Wielechowski says he is assembling other plaintiffs to challenge Governor Walker's veto of the half of the amount appropriated for dividends. He plans to file paperwork with the court within 10 days.

    Wielechowski argues that the transfer from the Permanent Fund is automatic and does not require an appropriation that can be vetoed.

    He tells Anchorage television station KTVA-11 that the case could be settled on an expedited basis. According to Wielechowski, a judge could decide quickly since it's simply a matter of interpreting the law.

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