Animal trapping is legal in Anchorage, but with strict rules

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Anchorage Animal Care and Control says using traps to catch stray animals is legal, but there are strict rules about their use.


    KTUU-TV reports Animal Care and Control Public Relations Director Laura Atwood says a humane trap must be used.


    Atwood says the trap must be checked every 12 hours. Once an animal is caught, Atwood says it has to be cared for humanely, including making sure the animal has food, water and is out of the elements.


    Atwood says city law always requires people who trap stray animals to either turn them over to Animal Care and Control, or to the pet owner, if the trapper knows who they are.


    The city's leash law also applies to cats, which must be contained if they leave your property.



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