Assembly committee assignments finalized

    Juneau, Alaska  (KINY) - Committee assignments for the new Juneau Assembly have been finalized.

    Jerry Nankervis will continue as deputy mayor and chair the Committee of Whole on which all nine members serve.   Nankervis will also serve on Lands, Finance, and the Joint Assembly and School Board Facility Project Team.


    Jesse Kiehl will continue to chair the Finance Committee on which all nine members serve.  Kiehl will also serve on the Lands Committee and  the Facility Project Team.


    Maria Gladziszewski will chair the Human Resources Committee taking the place of Loren Jones who will now chair the Public Works and Facilities Committee.  He takes the place of Mary Becker there.  Gladziszewski will also serve on Public Works and Facilities and the Mining Subcommittee.


    The Lands Committee will be chaired by Mary Becker.  Debbie White was chairing Lands, but she was defeated in the October 3 election by Rob Edwardson.  Becker will also chair the Facility Project Team.


    Norton Gregory will continue to chair the Mining Subcommittee.  He’ll also serve on the Public Works and Facilities and Human Resources Committees.


    Beth Weldon will serve on the Lands and Public Works and Facilities Committees and the Mining Subcommittee.


    Newly elected member Edwardson  was assigned to the Human Resources and Lands Committees.


    Mayor Ken Koelsch will be on the Committee of the Whole and Finance Committees with the other eight members.



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