Assembly committee recommends extending West Douglas Road another mile

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Assembly Lands Committee recommended the city extend the West Douglas Pioneer Road for another mile last night

    A state grant is paying for the work expected to be completed next spring.

    There was enough funding left over from the initial work to extend the road further, according to CBJ Lands and Resources Manager Greg Chaney.  "It was an excellent bid. As a result, instead of building two miles, we decided to build three miles."

    Chaney says this is a beginning for the development of West Douglas.  "Even though in the short term its going to be a non-motorized road, I think within our life times we'll see it turn in to some extension of the North Douglas Highway."

    Chaney says they are awaiting permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers and Alaska fish and game to start construction on  the extra mile.

    The city owns about 34 hundred acres in the area prime for future development.  Chaney says the West Douglas Development Plan proposes to develop four areas in that region.  He said the road will go by Development Area 1 and be halfway to Development Area 2.  "It will take awhile and a lot more investment to turn it into a useable area, but it's a start.  So, we're looking toward the future."

    Issues discussed by the committee included the liability of allowing ATVs and snow machines on the gravel road and how to combat hunters shooting from the road.  Chaney says there is a concern.  "That's why we're trying to get this policy adopted.  If those uses are determined to be appropriate, we could develop a reasonable program to do that.


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