Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth explains stance on private marijuana clubs

    The attorney general's interpretation of a marijuana initiative is too strict, according to some state lawmakers.

    At a hearing of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees Wednesday, Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth explained her opinion that the private use of recreational marijuana does not extend to clubs with private membership.

    The 2014 legalization initiative prohibited using pot in public but did not define what is considered public.

    South Anchorage Senator Lesil McGuire warned against over-regulation.

    "You know, we don't want you going into the Elk's Club, busting our veterans that might be consuming marijuana peacefully with fellow people who have served in the war, just as an example," she said.

    East Anchorage Representative Gabrielle Ledoux agreed, saying she thought most voters understood that public  was defined more loosely, meaning no smoking joints while walking down the street. Ledoux noted that you can use a bathroom at a private club, but it's illegal to do so on a public sidewalk.

    Lindemuth suggested that the legislature should clarify the statute.

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