Avista sale updated on Action Line by A-E-L & P top official

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Action Line listeners were updated Monday on the pending sale of AVISTA Coporation, the parent company of Alaska Electric,Light and Power, to Hydro One of Toronto, Canada.

    Utility President and General Manager Connie Hulbert was among the guests.  She says a filing has been made in all of the jurisdictions in which Avista operates.  In addition to Alaska,  that includes Montana, Oregon, Idaho and Washington.  She says each of those jurisdictions will have a different time line for approval.  She says the filing in Alaska was made in mid-September.  Hulbert says the Regulatory Commission of Alaska timeline for those kinds of filings is six months.  

    Public comment has already been gathered.  She thought the public comment period for the filing closed last Thursday.  The publications netted some comments, she added.

    We asked how operation of the local utility might change with the change in ownership.  "From our perspective, we're just continuing to do our jobs here and our perspective is that things aren't going to change with Hydro One ownership of Avista."

    Avista has rejected an offer from Juneau Hydropower to buy the utility.  So has Hydro One.  Hulbert says Hydro One wrote a letter back to the City and Borough of Juneau, since the local government had written a letter of introduction for Juneau Hydropower, that said it was premature since the company doesn't own the assets yet.  The letter added that when it does own the assets, they will still be delegating those decisions to Avista because that is part of the agreement.  "The merger agreement delegates authority over Avista matters to Avista and to Avista's board and that's why we say we don't feel they'll be any changes.  But, in essence, Hydro One said 'Thanks, but no thanks.  A-E-L and P is not for sale'"


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