Bartlett names 2018 Nurse of the Year

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) OB nurse Angela Lessard was honored as the Florence Nightingale Award winner.

    Lessard said she was very thankful for the award and also appreciated the support of her co-workers, "I thank them all.  I know I work with incredible people.  Everybody who works at the hospital from physicians to security and dietary."

    85 different employees were honored for their years of service at the hospital.  Two of them were honored for 35 years of service this year.

    Lessard has worked in various departments and chose to specialize in OB for Bartlett Beginnings, "I was of child bearing age, and I had gone through the birth of my son.  I was working on the medical surgical floor and had chosen OB as my float area.  I enjoyed helping moms and babies after birth and I just liked the processes I saw."

    She said her co workers strive to support families and patients and work to update their practices to be the best nurses they can be.

    "There is so much more to learn in that field.  Its exciting and I really like it."

    Nightingale is known as the founder of modern nursing.

    Lessard appeared on a recent edition of Capital Chat that airs at 8:35 am on KINY.

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