Bartlett Regional Hospital Board Searching for Ways to Improve Mental Health

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The Bartlett Regional Hospital Board met on Tuesday evening where they mostly discussed the growing need to improve mental health services.

    Mental health seems to be on the mind of many members of the Bartlett Regional Hospital Board. Most notably, plans are being discussed of a better way to serve young people struggling with mental illness, drug abuse, and other forms of crisis.

    While there is nothing set in stone yet, business models and talks of where a facility could be held are in the works and have been for a while. The goal is to provide a more robust service for children and adolescence facing these issues, not just in Juneau, but possibly all of Southeast Alaska as those services are lacking in the area.

    Each member seemed to be supportive of increasing the quality of mental health services in Juneau, both for children and adults.

    Also during the board meeting, a new IT Director was introduced. Jason Newcomer comes from Seattle, having a focus on security skills. He has also worked for Google in the past. The Board also passed a motion to have two of their server rooms' sprinkler systems replaced with non-aquatic fire suppression systems. Water just simply doesn't mix with computers. The Board couldn't have passed that motion any faster.

    The Rainforest Recovery Center is also looking at renovations including a new roof. It was also said that the sleep off area may be moved to a different area of the facility and was surprisingly seeing much more use in the summer months.

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