Bear struck and killed on Egan Drive

    Just before midnight on Friday, a bear was struck by a vehicle on the 6500 Block of Egan Drive.

    Late on Friday night, a bear was struck by a vehicle on Egan Drive near the old Walmart store. Officers arrived at the scene of the crash; the bear was still nearby and alive at the time of arrival. The vehicle sustained about a thousand dollars worth of damage and the airbags deployed. Its driver did not need medical attention, but the vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

    The bear died shortly after officers arrived. Its body was handled by the Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

    Officer Terry Allen provided some advice on what to do if one hits an animal,

    "Pull over, call the police to make sure the animal is taken care of. A lot of times we can call Fish and Game and they can make sure the animal's meat is not put to waste."


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