Break in foiled by woman who called police, suspect allegedly tries to pepper spray officer

    A break in was reported by a woman in a call to police shortly before ten Monday night.

    The 29 year old woman told police that a man broke into her house and refused to leave.  She said the suspect popped a window out of a door to gain access.

    When police arrived, the man left through a side door.  He refused to stop at the direction of an officer posted outside, according to a release from police.

    While running away, police say the suspect starting spraying pepper spray toward the officer.  At that point, two officers deployed Tasers and struck the man in the torso.

    He’s identified as 40 year old John Paul Lucion Holland of Juneau.  He was charged with three counts of Assault on a Police Officer and one count of violating conditions of release.

    Holland was jailed at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center on $1,000 bail.

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