CBJ Applying for Grants for Seven Electric Busses

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The CBJ will apply for grants to purchase seven electric buses in fiscal year 2022.

    Public Works chairman Loren Jones supports the move. We caught up with him after the meeting. 

    The CBJ currently has one electric bus on order; the grant proposal also includes money for seven charging stations. 

    “It’s a no emission, low emission program with Federal and we had talked about that earlier, because in FY 22 there are seven of our current diesel buses that will need to be replaced. We had talked about how many of those could be electric. We've got one on order and we've ordered the diesel buses to replace the ones that were due to be replaced in 2019. Now we have this, so they're going to apply for all seven.”

    “Don't know whether they'll get all seven. Hopefully if we get one or two then maybe we can move forward.”

    Jones also mentioned that buses not attained through grants could be supplemented by using money from a Volkswagen settlement. 

    "The question I asked was about the Volkswagen settlement. We could use some of that money to pay for the match, if we could apply, or say we needed seven buses and we got say three from the no logo, we could then maybe use the Volkswagen settlement for some matching maybe to buy one or two more.”

    “Whether we get all seven replaced with electric, I don't know.”

    The Public Works Committee also reviewed commercial advertising on Capital Transit buses and shelters 

    Jones explained his thoughts on the matter. 

    “I think that we need to weigh the cost of changing whether we would generate enough revenue, whether there is a way to have both nonprofit and for-profit at the same time, without an administrative burden on Capital Transit. Their basic task is to move people around.”

    “We need to look at that and I think I committee individually will take a look that in a meeting with Public Works staff and see where we go.”

    Assembly member Norton Gregory saw the potential of significant revenue on bus ads. He would like to also pursue digital ads on buses. 

    The committee voted to continue to study the advertising issue.

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