CBJ Assembly: Multiple ordinances introduced and passed with no objections

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY, Lance David) - The CBJ Assembly met for a regular meeting Monday night for just over an hour to wrap up a majority of their work, before recessing into executive session.

    Although the public portion of the meeting may have been relatively brief, a multitude of ordinances were introduced and passed.

    Five ordinances were introduced to be heard at the next regular Assembly meeting.

    Two of the five introduced ordinances would allow CBJ Docks and Harbors to lease two sets of property. One would lease property to the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska for a proposed Tlingit and Haida Immersion Center;  the other would continue leasing property to Andrew's Marina, Inc.

    The other three introduced ordinances provide funding to the Juneau International Airport for construction costs.

    A total of three ordinances were up for public hearing, and all three were passed with no objections.

    The first ordinance passed authorizes the issuance of up to $18.9 million in bonds to refinance the 2006A general obligation school bonds.

    City Manager Rorie Watt explained.

    "The original $44 million in  bonds were sold September 15, 2006. The amount being refunded is $18.8 million plus issuance costs. If CBJ issues the refunding bonds in October 2016, the refunding will result in an estimated total savings of $1.4 million over the remaining life of the bonds. The term of the new issue will be the same as the original, with the final payment taking place December, 2021."

    These bonds qualify for 70% reimbursement under the state’s School Construction Bond Debt Reimbursement Program. However, the reimbursement is subject to annual appropriation by the Legislature, and was affected by Governor Walker's set of vetoes designed to put a dent in the state's deficit of nearly $4 billion.

    The other two ordinances passed appropriate funds for use in two separate Capital Improvement Projects for Juneau International Airport. The first allocates $14,382,817 to construct a Snow Removal Equipment Building, while the second sets aside $73,344 in State of Alaska Department of Transportation funding to be utilized in modifications to the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Building.

    Also on the Assembly's agenda Monday night was a liquor transfer license for Rodfather's, LLC.

    The business entered into a payment plan with the CBJ Sales Tax Division for an outstanding liability of $25,000, but records show four delinquent payments and a remaining debt of $14,788.

    Rodfather's main location was best known to residents as The Broiler. Although that particular incarnation has closed its doors, the company behind it is still serving in downtown from the Papa Rod's food truck.

    Assembly member Loren Jones explained the motion, along with a little bit of the history behind it.

    "Basically, what's happening is that Rodfather's, LLC has the license. In February, we waived our right to protest even though there were some payment problems because he was making payments. This is a transfer so that rather than operating at Rodfather's, he can operate at a stand behind the parking garage. We felt that since we made the exception in February, we would continue the exception of not protesting as long as payments were being done. But, we thought it would be a stronger hold if we got the confession of judgement. Both parties felt they could do that before Wednesday, September 14th. They should be done a couple of days ahead of that date, but if not, we protest."

    Ultimately, the Assembly passed the motion with no objection.

    The Assembly excused itself into executive session to privately discuss matters relating to the lawsuit against the city by the Cruise Lines International Association, as well as salary and benefits for the city attorney.

    The original story is shown below.

    The regular CBJ Assembly meeting of September 12th opened with a special recognition for CCFR Fire Marshall Dan Jager.

    Jager was recently awarded a certification of recognition from the Commission on Professional Credentialing.

    "There's probably only around 110 certified Marshals worldwide," Chief Rich Etheridge explained. "Dan exemplifies the professional firefighter."

    After Etheridge acknowledged Jager for his more than 25 years serving Alaska, Jager himself took the stand to explain that he thought of his award as a team effort, specifically thanking mentors, fellow firefighters, and his family for their encouragement over the years.

    Before regular CBJ Assembly business commenced, Chief Housing Officer Scott Ciambor announced a temporary art installation to raise awareness of homelessness.

    "This is an opportunity to say to our community, "keep up the good work." This installation will be up throughout the end of September."

    According to a press release, the Homeless Design Installation is an initiative started in Charleston, SC through a partnership with the City of Charleston and Meadors, Inc., a private design firm.  Through the installation of 430 plywood figures outside of Charleston City Hall - one for each person counted during the 2016 annual Point-in-Time homeless count – the City of Charleston hopes to raise public awareness about the plight of those experiencing homelessness.

    The 2016 annual Point-in-Time homeless count for Juneau was 216.

    The Homeless Design Installation project has gone national with all 50 state capital cities being asked to erect a single cut out figure in front of their city halls to represent solidarity on this issue. A photograph of each figure from every capital city will be posted on the End Homelessness website: www.endhomelessness-installation.com.

    n recent years, CBJ has increased its efforts to end homelessness with a $1.5 million investment in the development of the 32-unit Juneau Housing First Collaborative permanent supportive housing project for the chronically homeless and provides funds annually for agencies that work with the homeless through the Social Service Advisory Fund.

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