CBJ Assembly passes three ordinances relating to sales tax

    Three ordinances passed are leading to ballot measures that will ask voters to approve a temporary or permanent sales tax, plus extra sales tax on marijuana products.

    The CBJ Assembly convened for a regular meeting Monday night, and it opened with a special thanks to Juneau Police for their service over the holiday weekend.

    Rorie Watt penned an email to JPD Chief Bryce Johnson following the recent shooting of several police in Dallas Texas, which Mayor Ken Koelsch proceeded to read aloud.

    "I'm sorry you didn't get to spend the whole day with family and friends," read Koelsch. "I'm sure one or two of you wouldn't have minded a quiet backyard hot dog, a ride on the parade float, building a sand castle, or cheering on the soapbox derby. Thank you for being there for the community."

    Following the appreciation expressed to Juneau's police, regular business commenced with the unanimous approval of adding a measure to October's ballot that would extend the city's temporary 3% sales tax by another five years.

    Also approved was a ballot measure that, if passed, would make the 3% sales tax permanent. Assembly member Jerry Nankervis objected.

    "I like a temporary sales tax because voters get to give us a report card on how we've spent the money. It's been passed every time, but I still like the fact that people get to say whether to continue or not. I don't think once we make it permanent, we'll ever get away from it."

    Nankervis' objection was shared by Debbie White and Jamie Bursell, who also voted against adoption.

    A bill adding an additional 3% in sales tax to all marijuana products also passed, this time with Nankervis as the sole objector.

    Fellow Assembly member Debbie White spoke out in favor of the ordinance.

    "The people that advocated for the legalization and commercialization of marijuana repeated over and over, "treat marijuana like alcohol." At this point, we don't know what the cost to the City and Borough of Juneau will be for enforcement."

    Also passed was a resolution calling on the legislature to "pass a balanced, sustainable, and predictable state fiscal plan to help ensure long term fiscal stability for the citizens of the state of Alaska."

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