CBJ to Further Assess Ways to Maintain Cemeteries

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The CBJ Lands Committee spent most of their time discussing the issue of several cemeteries that have went into disrepair throughout the borough.

    A presentation was given where it was estimated that the initial costs to clear things up at ten cemeteries would cost around $10,500, while it would take $21,600 estimated to work on the cemeteries through Fiscal Year '19. Both of those figures would be for basic maintenance and not necessarily the funds that they would hope to put into the projects.  

    Beth Weldon made a motion to direct the discussion of owning all ten of the cemeteries to the Parks and Recreation Department. She also moved to direct the finances need to the Assembly Finance Committee. Both motions passed. 

    Nankervis also made a motion, one to direct staff to determine the owners of the cemeteries as needed. 

    We then talked to Rob Edwardson about his thoughts about the approach to these properties. 

    “I think it's important to look after the city's heritage and that's not just one of the 10 cemeteries over there, I think it's all of the ten. It's worthwhile to look into and I think we should do what we can to to safeguard Juneau's history.”

    Edwardson did say that while there are ten cemeteries on their radar, there could be more. 

    “There might be only ten, but there might be more so it's good to take a comprehensive look at it and to see how much it would cost to take care of all of them as we would think about taking care of one.”

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