Certification of election delayed three days

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Election officials are shooting for Tuesday to get the primary election vote certified.

    The Division had said they would have the election certified on Saturday as required by statute but were unable to meet the deadline.    A clarified statement said the result certification was a target and not set by law. The deadline for receipt and counts of absentee ballots and questioned ballots is 10 days after the primary, which was held on August 21.

    A bipartisan board reviewed all the absentee and questioned ballots from regional offices on Saturday in Juneau.  The US Postal Service was contacted to expedite the delivery of a handful of precinct bags that contain voted ballots and precinct registers from rural areas.

    Elections had indicated some irregularities in absentee ballots in the House District 15 race and rejected seven applications for absentee ballots because the applications had been made in the names of people believed to be deceased.



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