Child found dead from chemicals

    Aleknagik, Alaska (KINY) No foul play is suspected after a child apparently ingested dangerous chemicals and died.

    The child, Nayumiralria Tugatuk, 14, was found dead in a native village, Aleknagik, September 23, Alaska State Troopers reported.

    The report said the boy was found slumped over next to an open fuel can in a boat.  The body was sent to the Medical Examiners office in Soldotna for an autopsy.  Troopers said investigation determined that Tugatuk's death was caused by huffing. 

    Inhalant abuse, commonly called huffing, is defined as the intentional inhalation of chemical vapors to attain a mental high or euphoric effect.  A National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2010 found that the primary population of inhalant abusers, 68%, are under 18 years of age.  In a recent national study, 7% of eighth graders, 4.5% of 10th graders and 3.2% of 12th graders claimed they had tried inhalant use.




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