City Manager says legislature's failure to approve fiscal plan cost Juneau millions

    City Manager says as a result of their inaction, Juneau lost over three million dollars.

    The impact of Governor Walker's budget vetoes and the Legislature's failure to approve a fiscal plan on Juneau's local government was discussed on Action Line Friday.

    CBJ Manager Rorie Watt said of the dilemma:

    "As a result of their inaction we lost over three million dollars last week. The way it works is for years the state has sponsored school renovation projects up to 70% and they annually appropriate the money. It's a contract between communities and the state. This year, to try and get the legislature to move, the governor vetoed a chunk of that money. The legislature didn't move and so now, as a result starting August 10th, I'll be meeting with the Assembly and we're going to be trying to decide how to fill that budget hole. We're going in faced with all kinds of terrible choices of burning though our savings or reducing our programs."

    Watt also spoke about the community event to stand against violence, sponsored by the Juneau police department, at Marine Park Wednesday, saying he's very proud of the way JPD has responded to recent nationwide violent events. "Obviously other communities across the country are having a lot harder times and our police department works really hard and continuously to maintain good relations with everybody in the community."

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