Dead Whale beached on Admiralty Island

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A team of scientists could know more about what caused the death on Saturday.

    NOAA Spokesperson Julie Speegle said they began getting reports of the whale on Sunday.  She noted the humpback was found on Port Young on Admiralty Island.  They do not know if the whale is male or female.

    Speegle urged the public to keep its distance from the whale because they don't want any of the necropsy ruined or tainted by human contact.  There also is a public safety concern as a whale like that would be a food source for bears.

    "Its a beautiful day, people are out on the water, they want to swing by and check it out.  Please resist that temptation because it is very important that our necropsy not be compromised," she added.

    Speegle would not speculate on what might have caused the death.  She noted there have been no reports of vessels striking whales in that area recently.




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