District 2 Juneau Assembly candidates appear at forum

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Juneau Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum for the Juneau Assembly candidates Thursday that focused on economic development, budgets and infrastructure.

    District 1 challenger Robert Edwardson, a US Coast guard Veteran, spoke on the crime problems, efficient government, and protecting our job base.  He said it is important to set priorities and pursue them.  "My number one priority is protecting lives and public safety.  Lives are at risk with the homeless and the opioid epidemic.  These problems are nation wide and world wide.  I think the Assembly has a role in solving these problems."

    Edwardson said if the community works together Juneau's brightest days are ahead.

    Incumbent Debbie White said she works hard for private businesses in Juneau.  She said the wants to prioritize spending and protest the safety of the public.  "We do have some very tough decisions.  I think it is important to keep core programs in place like police, fire, water, sewer and roads.  After that everything else is optional." 

    The Chamber was mostly concerned with the balance between revenues and services, essential services, and economic growth, moderator Mike Satre said.  He also asked a list of yes and no questions about support for the Juneau access road, if the candidate supports mining, the West Douglas Development Plan and a second crossing to connect Juneau and Douglas.

    The municipal elections are scheduled for October 3.

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